Black Friday season is upon us! It seems like people start promoting their deals earlier and earlier every year. Making the most of Black Friday/Cyber Monday can be super confusing for service-based entrepreneurs. Discount? Sale? WHAT?

When a web designer is approached about a new project, we often receive a long list of questions that accompany the inquiry. Should my website be built on Squarespace or WordPress? What should my domain name be? I just need edits to a few pages, what will that cost? And sometimes even… Wow, why is […]

If you’re one of those people who has it all together, never doubts themselves and never seems to have issues with organization or time management or anything, well…this one’s not for you. This one is for the business owners who have to pick themselves up daily. It’s for the entrepreneurs who do it scared. For […]

Okay, so maybe your logo matters BUT it’s not the most important thing. When I talk to people about their brand they often explain to me that their brand is “blues and purples” and then show me their logo. That’s useful to some extent but when I’m asking about your brand I want to know […]

It’s no secret: blogging for business is good for business. What’s not good for business is taking all your free time creating massive amounts of content that isn’t usable or, worse, that you aren’t using. The purpose of blogging for business is two-fold. On one hand, you want to have content on your site for […]

Earlier this year I had the pleasure and honor of being featured on a genuinely wonderful podcast called Abundant Beans. Hosted by CPA Jamie O’Kane, it’s an incredible resource of inspiration and learning for business owners big and small. Jamie and her team have done a gorgeous job of creating help for entrepreneurs in a […]

So it’s time. You’ve been sitting on this idea for days, weeks, months, years? and it’s time for you to do the thing. Hiring a brand designer can be daunting. Hopefully, you’ve laid out your plan including your workflows, client process, etc…and now it’s time to make it all pretty. There are literally hundreds of […]